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ross Country Running.

RunnersIf you've made the all important first decision - I want to run - you may be wondering if there is anything more to it than dusting off your running shoes. Depending on your background you should consider having a medical check up and certainly take a critical look at your current level of fitness.
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walkers Walking is reckoned to be the biggest recreational activity in the UK.
As a sport it is gentle and certainly low impact yet the pleasures and benefits are tangible - even a short walk can invigorate and refresh you.
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warmupResearch indicates that warming up better prepares the body for sport performance and can help decrease the risk of injury. This is achieved by increasing the force that is required to strain/tear a muscle. The process of warming up has several physiological effects:
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Mountain Biking.

MBTLooking to go off road for the first time? Here are tips and advice you need to make your introduction to mountain biking fun and successful.
While only lots of riding, great fitness and endless bailouts into the bushes will make you the hottest rider on the block, here are some basic skills that every aspiring mountain biker should know.
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